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The most basic column type is the BoundField, which binds to one field in the data object. For example, here s the definition for a single data-bound column that displays the EmployeeID field: <asp:BoundField DataField="EmployeeID" HeaderText="ID" /> This achieves one improvement over the autogenerated column the header text has been changed from EmployeeID to just ID. When you first create a GridView, the AutoGenerateColumns property is set to False. When you bind it to a data source control, nothing changes. However, if you click the Refresh Schema link of the data source control, the AutoGenerateColumns property is flipped to True, and Visual Studio adds a <BoundField> tag for each field it finds in the data source. This approach has several advantages: You can easily fine-tune your column order, column headings, and other details by tweaking the properties of your column object. You can hide columns you don t want to show by removing the column tag. (However, don t overuse this technique, because it s better to cut down on the amount of data you re retrieving if you don t intend to display it.)

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If this is true, before an edit is committed all empty strings will be converted to null values Configures the appearance for just this column, overriding the styles for the row You ll learn more about styles throughout this chapter..

3. Set the ListBox.DataTextField to the column you want to display (in this case, choose EmployeeID). The list of fields should also be provided in a drop-down list (see Figure 9-6).

You can also hide columns programmatically. To hide a column, use the Columns collection for the GridView. For example, setting GridView1.Columns(2).Visible to False hides the third column. Hidden columns are left out of the rendered HTML altogether.

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If you don t want to configure columns by hand, select the GridView, and click the ellipsis ( ) next to the Columns property in the Properties window. You ll see a Fields dialog box that lets you add, remove, and refine your columns (see Figure 10-1).

Figure 9-6. Binding a list control to a data source field 4. You can use the same steps to bind a rich data control. Add a GridView to your page, and set the GridView.DataSourceID property to the same data source. You don t need to set any field information, because the GridView can display multiple fields. You ll see the column headings from your query appear on the design surface of your page immediately. 5. Run your page. Don t worry about executing the command or calling DataBind() on the page ASP.NET performs both of those tasks automatically. You ll see a data-bound page like the one in Figure 9-7.

Explicitly defined columns are faster than autogenerated columns. That s because autogenerated columns force the GridView to reflect on the data source at runtime. You can add extra columns to the mix for selecting, editing, and more.

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Home > Font Encoders > Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word® & Excel® ... This Barcode Addin is only compatible with Office 2010 and earlier.

Clearly, the great advantage of the data source controls is that they allow you to configure data binding at design time, without writing tedious code. Even better, the results of your selections appear (to a limited degree) in the Visual Studio designer so you can get a better idea of what your form will look like.

Figure 10-1. Configuring columns in Visual Studio Now that you understand the underpinnings of the GridView, you ve still only started to explore its higher-level features. In the following sections, you ll tackle these topics: Formatting: How to format rows and data values Selecting: How to let users select a row in the GridView and respond accordingly Sorting: How to dynamically reorder the GridView in response to clicks on a column header Paging: How to divide a large result set into multiple pages of data, using both automatic and custom paging code Templates: How to take complete control of layout, formatting, and editing by defining templates

If you modify the data source so that it returns a different set of columns, you can regenerate the GridView columns. Just select the GridView, and click the Refresh Schema link in the smart tag. This step will wipe out any custom columns you ve added (such as editing controls).

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